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The orchard

Founded in 2004 by Robert McKeown and Andrée St-Denis, the McKeown Cider House produces ciders characterized by the purity and freshness of their fruit. Located in the town of Rougemont, the undisputed “apple capital” in the heart of the Montérégie Valley, our orchards offer land perfectly conducive to the cultivation of apples and the brewing of tasty and fruity ciders that appeal to the tastes of today's cider lovers.

Our cider

Authentic and refreshing, our unique sparkling cider contains 5.7% alcohol per volume and is made of 100% apples from our orchards. The apples are hand-picked in the fall when they are fully ripe, and aromas and sugar are at their peak.

After pressing, the fresh juice is fermented. Fermentation takes place slowly over several weeks, followed by a period of maturation and stabilization, allowing aromas and flavours to fully express themselves.

Did you know that cider is a natural, antioxidant, gluten-free product that contains fewer calories than beer?

McKeown cider is excellent with, among other things, pork, chicken, fish, pasta, and sushi.

Classic Series

Original series including all of our McKeown ciders that are found year-round both at the cidery and on the shelves of our retailers.

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Our team

A team united around quality products!

Our employees are the greatest strength of our company. Though their tasks and responsibilities keep them all very busy, there are always plenty of willing volunteers to help us taste-test our cider when fermentation is finished and it’s ready to bottle. Working with natural products means that many factors can influence the final result. That's why all our employees are proud to participate in quality control, to help ensure that we always produce the best product we can: McKeown Cider!

If you would like to be part of our team, you can send us your CV at cv@cidremckeown.com .