McKeown Bone Dry and Bone Dry Ginger


Alcohol level:  5,7%
Residual Sugar: 0 gr.
Sulphites:  None Added

At McKeown we love to innovate and that’s why we created the Bone Dry and Bone Dry Ginger flavours.

The McKeown Bone Dry cider is, well… dry! There is no residual sugar and the acidity is naturally lower, creating a perfectly balanced mouthfeel and a thirst-quenching freshness. It’s the perfect cider for a sunny afternoon or an evening with friends!

The Bone Dry Ginger flavour is also a dry cider with no residual sugar. It’s fermented with fresh ginger for a unique taste. This cider proves that apple and ginger are quite good friends!

Furthermore, thanks to our fermentation and filtration method we’re able to offer these two ciders without added sulphites or preservatives… Pure cider with crisp green apple taste!

Pairing: Grilled meats, fish, seafood, sushi, Asian food, pizza, hamburgers, moving day, mowing the lawn, chilling out and… any other activity you can think of!