Cranberry cider



McKeown Cranberry cider is an authentic and refreshing cider and contains 5,7% alcohol per volume.

This cider is made of 100% fresh apples from our orchards in Rougemont and with cranberries from province of Québec.

It has a beautiful rosé color, with aromas of red fruit and candy apple. At first taste, you will note flavours of ripe apples and cranberries with a touch of spices.

Since this cider is well-balanced between the acidity and the residual sugar and the cranberry astringency is subtly blended with the exceptional freshness of the apple, it results in a perfectly thirst-quencing cider. It is slightly  fruitier and sweeter than our McKeown Draft cider.

Serve chilled or even on ice in a tall glass.

McKeown Cranberry cider is delicious with pork, chicken, fish, pasta, sushi and many other dishes.


McKeown Cranberry cider is distributed in  bars and in  restaurants where it is sold in kegs  and in bottles. It is also sold in 4-packs of 355ml bottles in grocery and in convenience stores. They are also distributed outside of the province of Québec: in England, in the United States and in China.

Enjoy McKeown Cranberry cider as an aperitif or with food but preferably in good company.